who is candy soup?

Hi, I’m Jonathan Kellso. I was born and raised in Phoenix Arizona and make music under the moniker of Candy Soup. When I was 10 years old, I began producing tunes and songs on Garageband on my iPod touch and, without exaggeration, have not stopped pursuing production since. My musical style revolves a huge range of inspiration. From contemporary pop, to psychedelic rock, to folk, to rap, to chillwave, to IDM, the genres I pull from to create my music are nearly endless. I love music, and have been blessed with the ability to express myself through it. 

The project of Candy Soup was born in the midst of friends making tunes together, but quickly developed into an incredibly introspective project full of music that explores my own mind. With sparse lyrics exploring thoughts, dreams, reactions, and what to make of it all, each of my songs individually explores a piece of my mind, and collectively paint a picture of heartbreak, depression, and conquering those temptations. 

The plan of candy soup consists of 3 albums, the first being my latest release, “Syrup” which walks through an untimely dissolution of a relationship that throws my mind into a whirlwind state of sadness, confusion, thankfulness, and hope. 

My second album will be titled “Jonathan” which deep dives into fighting every single temptation that comes with trying to move forward in life, trying to recalibrate a direction in my life goals, and trying to recenter my focus on what’s truly important. 

My third album will be titled “Gem,” an album of relief. An album of comfort. An album of rest. 


Below are some links of projects I've got on streaming as well as my instagram to keep up with my releases. Much more coming very soon. Thanks for checking me out.